Measure, manage and minimise your emissions in one place

From a simple and intuitive dashboard, you can track emissions data across your organisation and supply chain. How does one site compare with others? What are the emissions from different areas of the business such as heating or transport? How do you compare with the sector average? What are your carbon emissions per employee? All this data is accessible with a few clicks.

Build expertise as you use it

We don’t assume you have specialist knowledge of sustainability issues. Enexo has a gentle learning curve with useful explanations of terminology, frequently asked questions, and an in-depth knowledge base. The platform is designed to build confidence in your own understanding and get more detailed knowledge as you progress. And if you have gaps in your data? Enexo fills them with reliable, industry-standard estimates.

Reporting for legal compliance

Reporting is intuitively structured and based on UK-specific data and industry-standard methodologies. Enexo presents reports that are automatically formatted and can be used to support legal compliance.

Identify trends, take action

Enexo doesn’t just show data, it produces actionable data. The platform enables you to manage your emissions performance and analysis over time. Key metrics are presented in a way which simplifies identifying trends and highlighting areas for improvement, helping to underpin your business decision-making with robust evidence.

Map your journey to net zero

For most organisations, net zero carbon emissions is the destination. Enexo provides the roadmap. Just add a net zero target date and Enexo will project your journey for you, accounting automatically for the measures you take to reduce emissions at every step.

Access the largest database of emissions data available

Create and customise lists of your competitors, suppliers and customers and access their emissions data via the largest collection of corporate emissions data available on the market. Enexo also contains the key financial information of over five million UK companies, including historical performance, ownership structure and potential carbon tax costs.

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